Wine Hostel Sanavardo

Wine Hostel Sanavardo is a social hostel, vineyard, wine cellar and co-living space, which is oriented to provide opportunities for adventurous travelers to enjoy the main sightseeing of the Kakheti region, to explore the local culture from within and to get involved in the fascinating process of wine-making and viticulture.

Our aim is not just productivity in business or agriculture. We are trying to create a space for creativity and cooperation where travelers will be able to connect with locals and gain intercultural experiences. To achieve that, we use the hostel as a platform, or the bridge, between locals and internationals.  There are different activities which contribute to this process, like our English language club, dance club, environmental activities, agricultural activities together with locals, etc.

Sanavardo belongs to the Kvareli Municipality which is on the edge of Cuacasus mountains and Alazani Valley flat zone.  Area which is famous for being one of the best winemaking territories  and as unique microzone of wine Kindzmarauli which is very popular since soviet times. There are multiple wine factories and vineyards around. The landscape is beautiful and diverse. Here we are on the Map.

Everything started at the beginning of the 2000s when our family started a vineyard. The house had been a kind of a summer home for our family since we had a large vineyard, father needed a place to stay seasonally when he took care of it.
The idea of the hostel was inspired by the team of the Institute for Democratic Changes (IDC). The house had been used for years by the IDC team to create and run programs and activities, or sometimes just for a weekend of rest, parties, supras (a traditional Georgian feast) with relatives.  In 2014 the village got an internet connection and with the ability to move from Tbilisi and still remain in contact, the hostel began to seem possible.
The decision was not made at once. In January 2016 we started by accepting a few volunteers who helped us in the vineyard. Together with these volunteers, we discussed and decided on the logistics and capacity of the house into a hostel and co-living space. We had our official opening in May 2016, and invited the whole village to attend and discuss future goals and cooperation. Since then, the hostel has been growing little by little.